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5 Reasons to Join the GLPG Network

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In lieu of the added stresses of running a solo practice, licensed therapists are increasingly electing to join a group practice. With the support a group practice can provide, therapists are largely freed up to focus on providing the best care for their clients.

Not all group practices or companies will be the same in terms of their services, compensation, values, and culture. These details can add up to significant differences in the overall experience for the provider.

Here are 5 important factors that set Great Lakes Psychology Group apart from the rest:

1. High earning potential.

Before joining a group practice, consider the factors that will impact your earning potential with a new company. How quickly will you be able to build your caseload? How do they determine your percentage of the fee split, and are there opportunities to increase your compensation? How successful are they at collecting payment from insurance companies?

  • GLPG employs time-tested and proprietary marketing strategies to generate high-volume referrals so you can fill up your caseload quickly.
  • We offer a competitive compensation structure with the fee split starting at 65% for fully licensed master’s level therapists and 70% for independently licensed doctoral level psychologists with a variety of opportunities to increase your income.
  • We provide full-cycle billing services on your behalf and collect at a 97% or better rate, so you can rest assured that you’ll get paid.

Combined, these factors translate to high earning potential for GLPG therapists.

2. Marketing, billing, insurance verification, and scheduling are all taken care of for you.

The quality and comprehensiveness of administrative services and support offered by each company will also vary. GLPG provides:

  • A steady stream of referrals to help therapists build their practices quickly and maintain their desired caseload.
  • Credentialing experts to make sure each therapist in the GLPG network is in-network with as many insurance companies as possible to expand their pool of potential clients and increase their pay.
  • Total billing support that all gets taken care of behind the scenes so therapists don’t have to worry about filing insurance claims or any other billing matters.
  • Our support staff is prompt in responding to questions and requests from therapists and their clients alike. Therapists in the GLPG network frequently commend the competence and responsiveness of our administrative staff, and name these services among the top reasons they are happy to be practicing within our network.

In all, therapists in the GLPG network feel supported and their clients receive quality care.

3. Option to see clients online, in-person, or both.

Some companies, such as large e-counseling platforms, only support online psychotherapy. Other companies, like smaller group practices, may focus primarily on in-person therapy and not offer a platform for supporting your online practice.

GLPG fully supports both online and in-person practices, and GLPG therapists are free to choose how they wish to see their clients: online, in-person, or both – at no additional cost.

Our brick-and-mortar offices are clean, updated, furnished, and conveniently located.

4. Professional benefits of practicing within the GLPG network.

  • Easy referrals. With access to a large network of licensed therapists at GLPG, it’s easier than ever to make referrals when you need to.
  • Opportunities to collaborate or consult with other clinicians.
  • Continuing education opportunities exclusive to the GLPG network.

The GLPG network is made up of hundreds of licensed therapists with a wide variety of specializations and license types. Therapists have access to an intranet platform for communicating within the network, sharing and asking for resources and training opportunities, joining consultation groups, finding supervision, referring clients, and more.

5. GLPG is therapist owned and operated.

GLPG was established by a small group of therapists who shared a passion for helping others. Today, we remain therapist owned and operated, and our focus remains on maintaining optimal services for the therapists practicing within our network and their clients. This is not true of all therapy companies, and we believe it’s important.

GLPG believes in the power of therapy, and we pay attention to every detail in an effort to support the therapeutic relationship.

Interested in joining our network?

At Great Lakes Psychology Group, it’s easy to run your dream private practice. You maintain total authority over your practice. We work behind the scenes to keep your practice running smoothly so you can focus on providing the best care for your clients.

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