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Great Lakes Psychology Group Unveils Find My Therapist

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What is Find My Therapist?

Great Lakes Psychology Group recognized the growing demand for a convenient and flexible platform where therapists could easily advertise their services. As more and more people acknowledge the benefits of therapy and seek it out, more services are becoming available and it can be harder to make sure your profile is seen. That’s why Great Lakes Psychology Group (GLPG) has launched, a patient self-scheduling service that simplifies the way therapists connect with potential clients.

Find My Therapist helps ensure your profile is seen by clients who are likely to be compatible. For therapists who have already completed onboarding, there is no work to be done on your end. Your profile from our prior directory has been moved to Find My Therapist. Within the quickly evolving landscape of therapy and mental health support, staying connected and visible to potential clients is essential to the growth of your private practice. Whether you have been in practice for years or are just starting out, being a part of a network that amplifies your reach can make a substantial difference.

Why use Find My Therapist?

Find My Therapist is more than just a directory – it’s a solution designed to simplify therapists’ private practices and expand the ease of access to mental health resources for clients.

  • Seamless Integration: No more juggling with multiple EHRs, platforms, and directory sites – Find My Therapist integrates seamlessly with Great Lakes Psychology Group’s innovative EHR system, Harbor. This means that when a client books their intake appointment with a therapist, it automatically appears within your EHR with all the information you need.
  • Filtering: Find My Therapist users enter basic information such as their location, needs, and insurance, ensuring your profile is seen by the right potential clients. Users are also able to further refine their curated list, making sure that they, and you, find the right fit.
  • Easy Scheduling: Great Lakes Psychology Group recognizes that while it is sometimes favorable to speak to a human, the old-school way of calling an office to book a therapy appointment, can be a barrier to care for some. Find My Therapist seeks to break these barriers to mental health care by offering intuitive search features to allow potential clients the ability to schedule on their own. Featuring a calendar with your real-time availability on your profile, it’s never been easier for potential clients to make an appointment. Our integrated calendar allows users to schedule based on in-person or online availability as well.
  • Display your Specialities: Find My Therapist offers a well-organized space to include your bio, credentials, client demographics, accepted insurances, and specialities. You can also include any additional certifications to further help market yourself to potential clients.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Profile

Here are some tips to better market yourself on Find My Therapist. If you want to make any updates to your profile, you can do so in Harbor.

  • Fill Out Every Field: When completing onboarding in Harbor, make sure that you complete all fields to populate your profile. The more information you provide, the more precise potential clients’ results will be.
  • Take a Headshot: Your profile picture is your first impression for potential clients. Make sure you provide a clear, high quality headshot. If you can, have a family member, friend, or coworker take your photo for you against a neutral background, from the shoulders up.

How Find My Therapist Works

For patients embarking on their mental health journey, finding a therapist through Find My Therapist is simple:

  • Visit Our Site: When clients visit the Find My Therapist website, they will be prompted to select their location, needs, and insurance from a drop-down menu of options.
  • Answer Preliminary Questions: To find the best fit client-therapist match, we will ask for more information. The client will be prompted to select their age, the type of support they are looking for (individuals, couples, or family), and whether or not they have had harmful  thoughts within the last two weeks. This information will be used to generate a list of available providers who fit their needs.
  • Book a Session: Once the client finds a therapist profile that matches what they are looking for, they will be shown a calendar with provider availability. After selecting an available time slot, the client will provide their patient information (such as name and contact details) and insurance information. They will also be prompted to provide a credit card to go on file. Once all of the fields are completed and they have read and agreed to the Note of Privacy Practices and Service Agreement & Informed Consent, they will be able to complete booking their session.

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At Great Lakes Psychology Group, our goal is to simplify the therapy journey from beginning to end. For licensed therapists seeking a network to grow their private practice, explore our careers site here or contact for more information.

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