GLPG Launches Supervised Clinical Experience in Michigan

Great Lakes Psychology Group is now hiring passionate TLLPs, LLPCs, and LLMSWs seeking supervised clinical experience in Michigan.

At GLPG, licensure candidates will gain valuable clinical experience under the supervision of a fully licensed professional in their field. They’ll enjoy paid experience with supervision included so they can make a living doing what they love without spending hundreds of dollars a month on supervision costs.

Supervised clinicians at GLPG will enjoy all the same benefits offered to our fully licensed clinicians, including:

  • A fully supportive administrative staff that takes care of credentialing, marketing, referrals, scheduling, billing, and more.
    • Credentialing services: GLPG will help candidates get credentialed with insurance companies to optimize earning potential.
    • Marketing and referral support: GLPG is a trusted brand that attracts a steady stream of referrals. Candidates choose their specifications and we’ll bring potential clients to them. Consistent referrals allow for a full caseload to be built within two months.
    • Billing services: Candidates will never have to file an insurance claim. Ever.
  • Access to an established professional network of hundreds of other passionate and like-minded mental healthcare professionals.
  • The option to practice online only, in person only, or any preferred combination of both.
  • Freedom from overhead administrative tasks. Our support staff is here for support whenever it’s needed, and out of the way when it’s not.

Your private practice journey starts here.

Wherever you may be in your career journey, GLPG has opportunities for you. Complete your supervised clinical experience at GLPG and be on the path to building your ideal private practice.

Upon completion of the supervised clinical experience, successful candidates for licensure will enjoy a seamless transition into a fully functioning private practice at GLPG as a fully licensed practitioner.

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No Credentialing. No Marketing. No Billing.
You provide the care, we provide the rest.

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